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Our Team


To provide low cost hearing assistance for all people

Dr. Andy Long

    Andy has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Arizona. He is a math modeler, who wants to spend all of his time studying climate change but keeps getting distracted by interesting projects (like this one). He lives half of the year near Northern Kentucky University, teaching; and half of the year very far away from it on a farm in Northern Ontario, where he spends his time exploring his gardens and the woods with friends and family.

Dr. Steven Wilkinson

Steve Wilkinson is a professor of mathematics at Northern Kentucky University. He was trained as a differential geometer and uses those skills in projects that involve graphics and applied mathematics. In his free time, he is an avid musician who plays trumpet in two community bands. He has been able to mix his love of music and the arts with his mathematics vocation on several projects with students. Most notably of these are a project to create sculptures using minimal surfaces and tube surfaces, and a project to create new music composition techniques by connecting musical motifs with curves.

Faith Mathew

Meet Faith Mathew, an Engineering Physics Major, and Mathematics Minor at Northern Kentucky University. A passionate learner of mathematics and physics, Faith is always eager to expand his knowledge and explore new concepts in these subjects. When he’s not studying, he enjoys playing guitar and creating new fingerstyle compositions. Faith also enjoys reading philosophy and has a deep interest in Christian theology and enjoys reading and studying it in his free time. He is very excited to join this research project!

Yoseph Shibiru

Fawzi Al Ragheb